Carmen MarianHTRC

Carmen MARIAN PhD. Eng. is a textile restorer expert with 40 years of experience in textile conservation and restoration with the Center for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, The National Museum Complex “Moldova”, Iaşi, Romania. Her PhD was sustained at Technical University “Gh. Asachi “University (2001) with the thesis “Contributions to the process of conservation and restoration of archaeological textiles made of silk”. She is a researcher and lecturer at the Centre for Staff Training in Cultural Institutes and in Staff training Programs for religious denominations.
Carmen MARIAN has restored over 350 textile pieces of national and international cultural heritage, including archaeological textile from medieval sites, classified as National Treasure.

Restoration and conservation of textiles

“Carmen Marian HTRC” Laboratory provides restoration and conservation of textiles from museum collections, religious denominations, galleries, private collectors, individuals. Textiles treated in our laboratory include carpets (kilims and carpets with knots), tapestries, clothing and clothing accessories, military uniforms, embroideries, laces, ethnographic pieces, archaeological textiles.
We provide research and consulting services in the field of restoration and conservation of textiles. Also, in partnership with institutions and private foundations, we organize workshops.



Conservation-restoration interventions made in our laboratory are applied depending on the specific textiles and their state of degradation and include:

  • Cleaning (mechanical / wet / dry);
  • Removal/reduction of stains and discolouration;
  • Flattening / decreasing distortions of the fabric;
  • Consolidation / restoration of degraded or missing parts;
  • Consolidation of partial / total fabric by sewing on a new support;
  • Restoring the gaps in the fabric using the original technique of the item / repairing gaps using the bed wire method;
  • Setting up the display / storage of textile piece.


Museums, Cultural Institutes, Religious denominations