Carmen MarianHTRC Services

Carmen Marian HTRC provides services to private individuals, collectors, galleries, historic homes and museums, specializing in the restoration and conservation of historic textiles. In addition to repair and cleaning, we prepare textiles for exhibition and long term storage.

We work with all types of antique textiles ranging from samplers, embroideries, costume and costume accessories, lace, furnishings, banners, ecclesiastical items to full size tapestries.

The studio is fully equipped to undertake wet and dry cleaning processes along with localized cleaning when appropriate. All types of hand repair, using appropriate threads and fabrics are worked. When necessary, fabrics are dyed to compliment the textile. All repair treatments are reversible. Once conserved the textile will be mounted, framed or boxed to meet the client’s requirements. If during treatment processes have to be revised, clients are always kept informed. Clients are requested to contact us well in advance with time sensitive items. With correct handling and storage and knowledge of problem areas to be aware of, preventative conservation can be undertaken. Temperature control, relative humidity, light, pests and methods of correct display can all add to the prolonged life of a textile and advice is given regarding them all.

Our laboratory has a diversified and nationwide clientele including museums, historical societies, government institutions, auction houses, insurance companies and fire restoration establishments. We are known for our fine attention to detail when conserving textiles and for our friendly and approachable service to clients.


  • over 40 years of experience in restoration and conservation of textiles
  • we customize our work processes on every project
  • we work accordingly to the specification of our clients
  • we have an outstanding attention to detail
  • we use speciallized equipment for every project
  • our client portfolio recommends us



We provide free of charge an estimation regarding the process of restoring a textile, estimating the costs for the whole process.

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Textiles often require mounting onto a support frame. New frames can be provided, or original frames can be restored.

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Restoration is the actual replacement of missing material, employing the original techniques of manufacture.

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We will work on location to triage a disaster site and determine the appropriate course of action for removal of textiles.

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Conservation by stitchery includes the sewing of fabric overlays and underlays to support and infill areas of loss.

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Occasionally, we organize workshops where people interested in the restoration techniques of textiles will share knowledge.

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Do you own a piece of textile material that you want to restore?

You can complet a request form and you will receive a free evaluation and assessment service offer from us.